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11791Re: A second notch filter?

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  • Wolfgang K.
    Nov 1, 2010
      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, Leif Asbrink <leif@...> wrote:
      > Another alternative would be to try Linrad ...


      Respect for the work you have done. I tried Linrad several times -
      and got stuck! I wish Linrad would be at least a little bit more
      'self explaining' with all those mysterious infos on the screen, to
      be guessed if they are info fields or clickable buttons or data
      entries. Until right now I could not find a way to run Linrad as
      it's supposed to do. But I know, that's my problem ;-(

      Maybe that's the reason I stick to WinradHD, in my opinion the only
      Winrad derivation that has a clean and not cluttered user interface,
      similar to the even nicer original Perseus software. But the later is
      giving me some other headache with disappearing spectrum and/or waterfall.

      Wolfgang, OE1MWW
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