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10480Re: gemini software - 'the wish list' it will blow our hats off!

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  • Wolfgang K.
    Jul 1 6:03 AM
      Hi all,

      I think it will come as before. The product is announced we see
      allready wish lists and 'why can't we have this and why is that'.

      Folks, Nico is selling his product at the time he decides and with
      the functions he decides. We are not with our parents at a Christmas
      market! And out of the specs it's neither a Long Wave or Medium Wave
      broadcasting spectrum recorder!

      There was a huge demand on infos at the WoodBoxRadio stand during
      the HAMRADIO.

      Look here http://tinyurl.com/32a9fkh for a picture

      The brochures had been dragged away all the time.(Thinks that's Nico,
      or is is Beppe ? behind the empty info box). Anyway, it was a good show!
      Good to see these guys again!

      Wolfgang, OE1MWW

      P.S.: Nico promised to change the video refresh rate for extreme stubborn
      PCs, like mine is and 'maybe' the tuning band will be sticky in
      waterfall mode in the final 3.0.

      --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, "iv3nwv" <nicopal@...> wrote:
      > --- In perseus_SDR@yahoogroups.com, "scottish_dxer_ken" <jokethebiker@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Did no one take any photos of the Gemini in action??
      > > Of the software???
      > Ken,
      > as it happened for Perseus the software will came after the hardware tests will be completed.
      > I've already planned to pass my Summer "holidays" to deploy its (new) framework.
      > > Of Nico at the stand etc....
      > > Would be keen to see a screenshot...
      > Some pictures of HamRadio 2010 taken by Christoph Ratzer are available at this address:
      > http://www.ratzer.at/ham2010.html
      > 73s
      > Nico / IV3NWV
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