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10478PERSEUS sensitivity

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  • Roelof Bakker
    Jul 1, 2010
      Hello all,

      On paper the 16 dB noise figure of PERSEUS is something that looks a bit
      As I understand it, this is a design trade off to maintain the good strong
      signal handling capabilities of the A/D convertor at the receiver front
      However, how "bad" is it in practice?

      Here you can download a 42.6 MB PERSEUS recording:


      It is a 400 kHz wide recording tuned to the 500 milliwatt (!) beacon
      signal of Aldo Moroni, IW2DZX from Italy as received in the Netherlands.
      You can also tune around and see what a nice tool PERSEUS waterfall
      display is to spot the fast fading in and out 28 MHz beacon stations.

      My antenna is a 2 x 16 m long doublet with 11 meter open feedline, matched
      with a balanced ATU.

      Best regards,
      Roelof Bakker, pa0rdt
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