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... Hallo Perry Rhodan Freunde Nun ist es offiziell. Vermutlich habt ihr schon davon gehört. Der Rüsselmops wurde von der Perry Rhodan Redaktion in einer
kai Lanio
Feb 2

2631 The Hour of the Blinder synopsis

No. 2631 The Hour of the Blinder Die Stunde der Blender by Marc A. Herren/Christian Montillon Just a few weeks after his transformation into an Ogok-Atimpal -
Jan 31

skype Perry....

... Hash: SHA256 Mercant37517352 put in the contcact were you get the id ;) Br kai ... Version: GnuPG v2
kai Lanio
Jan 16


Hey all!My sister is volunteering in the Phiippines again in February, so we've gotten back on Skype to keep in touch. I wanted to share my Skype address to
John Haubrich
Jan 15

Re: Forrest J Ackerman

Thanks for posting this. I'm not sure how successful we'll be considering how hard it was for Forry even trying to get a museum for SF started outside of his
David Crowley
Jan 11

Forrest J Ackerman

Forrest James Ackerman (*24. November 1916 in Los Angeles, USA; † 4. Dezember 2008 in Hollywood) Forrest J Ackerman – Perrypedia
Jan 11

2630 In The Expression of Aggression synopsis

No. 2630 In The Expression of Aggression Im Zeichen der Aggression from Marc A. Herren The Vasanthi Tokun Gavang is born on the day of the Hyper-shocks on the
Jan 9

2629 THe World Scouge synopsis

Nr. 2629 Die Weltengeißel The World Scourge von Christian Montillon Perry Rhodan is a guest aboard the ship CHANDORY, which is about to attempt the first use
Dec 13, 2015

Perry Rhodan - A cult space hero

It started out as a small pulp booklet series and developed into a whole "Perryverse." The literary sci-fi hero Perry Rhodan has been exploring outer space
Dec 8, 2015

2628 - The Desperate Resistance synopsis

Nr. 2628 Der Verzweifelte Widerstand The Desperate Resistance von Christian Montillon Protector Kaowen is killed in the explosion of a transit parquet. Drawn
Nov 22, 2015

Any Fan of Perry Rhodan Space Opera that has read it in the original

Nov 18, 2015

Re: Perry Rhodan Lemuria 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Perry Rhodan - Lemuria If you’ve never heard of Perry Rhodan, check him out on Wikipedia. In Germany, he’s like Star Trek and Star Wars all rolled up in
Nov 18, 2015

Re: RES: [Perry Rhodan] PR dictionary

Hi, Fernando! I will be able to help , surely.I moved to US a long time ago, but I was already an adult when I emigrated, so Yes, definitely I can help. I
Luis Frasson Nori
Oct 29, 2015

RES: [Perry Rhodan] PR dictionary

Hi. The story is far after the 200´s… Since I am not a native speaker, after the first translation a second approach would be essential to avoid
Fernando de Oliveira Vieira
Oct 28, 2015

Re: PR dictionary

Fernando, what a great idea.I am not aware of such dictionary, but in case you want I may be able to help as a second pair of eyes on the translation. I was
Luis Frasson Nori
Oct 27, 2015
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