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Re: Happy Spring to Everyone! Pam, I know what you are saying, it is good to have some contact with home town people.  I  did open the Perryopolis.com site almost every day when it was
Pat Rolison
Apr 15
Re: Happy Spring to Everyone! Hi Pat, My husband also goes to V.A. in Oakland, and Aspinwall...both in Pittsburgh. I'm glad you answered. I miss it when no one at all writes. I like to read
Apr 14
Re: Happy Spring to Everyone! Pam, So good to hear from you and your bright out look is so refreshing!   I'm enjoying waking up the Deer in the Hill Country of Texas.  I drive my Grandson
Pat Rolison
Apr 12
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Happy Spring to Everyone! Here we are into April and springtime. I wanted to say hello to everyone and wish you a wonderful spring. After the winter we just put in, it's like a miracle
Apr 12
Re: Peggy You're welcome. Wanda Strother and I attended two reunions in all these years and totally enjoyed them. I'm not sure, but I think Paul and Peggy arranged all
Oct 26, 2013
Re: Peggy Pam, thanks for taking time to answer.  Sure pray things will be better at your house. The Reunion is the first time I met Peggy.  I thought, " This is a
Pat Rolison
Oct 24, 2013
Re: Peggy Hi Pat, I haven't been here for awhile. My husband has had surgery and many health problems to deal with so my mind has been on him. I'm so sorry to hear about
Oct 24, 2013
Re: Peggy I'm sorry to say that Peggy died on Sunday, October 20. Her obituary is at http://obituaries.triblive.com/listing/231293/Margaret-Farrow/. David ... Pam or
Oct 23, 2013
Re: Peggy Contact Yvonne Blair...She has been keeping track of deaths there... To: perryopolis@yahoogroups.com From: pat_rolison@... Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2013
oliver bateman
Oct 22, 2013
Peggy Pam or anyone, My brother said he heard that Peggy Farrow passed away. Is this true? I'll try to scan papers tomorrow.
Oct 22, 2013
Afghanistan Just want to let you all know that my son is home from Afghanistan, whole in Body, mind and spirit. Thank you for your prayers! He even got to see the Steelers
Oct 2, 2013
Family Tree Research I am doing some family tree research for the Lyons family that lived near Perryopolis. My father grew up around the area before moving to Needles, CA in the
Aug 11, 2013
Re: Afghanistan Hi Pat, Your son is in my prayers, and you are, too. On our kitchen wall we have a little sign that says: "Some people wonder "what is my purpose in life?" A
Apr 18, 2013
Re: Historian Hi Pat, This is a very good question, and one I would like to know the answer to as well. Blessings, Norm ... From: PatR Subject:
Apr 14, 2013
Re: Your son's service to our country Re: [perryopolis] Afghanistan Hello Pat, I just want you to know that I have prayed for your son and his safety, and his safe return back home. I don't pretend to know God's will for my
Apr 14, 2013
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Afghanistan Well, my son, the little boy who I would worry about riding his big wheel down the hill from my grandmothers house, is leaving for Afghanistan. I was able to
Apr 14, 2013
Historian Does Perryopolis have a historian? I mean a real one?
Apr 14, 2013
Ancestory My name is Susan (Hough) Knapp. I am researching my ancestors. I have 2 deeds to property in Perryopolis from 1813-1817 from there. I have read some things
Susan Knapp
Apr 14, 2013
Re: Speaking of Fiction... Hi David, Well, I guess I won't look at a wasp building his nest up in the light fixture the same again. He is not quite as patient with me because I was
Mar 11, 2013
Re: Speaking of Fiction... How about Kerrville, Tx.?  Any of you Service people spend any time there?  Going to take a look at it and the VA Hospital in April.  pat How about
Pat Rolison
Mar 7, 2013
Re: Speaking of Fiction... That was a fun read, with my old college dictionary in hand!  Your wife must really love you! Ha Ha  pat That was a fun read, with my old college dictionary
Pat Rolison
Mar 7, 2013
Speaking of Fiction... "The Glass Coin" has published my bit of flash fantasy "There Oughta Be a Law" at . They
Mar 5, 2013
Re: Henny Penny And how our versions of these stories were distorted, often by Disney or watered-down books. In the original, Cendrillon's step-sisters were beautiful, not
Mar 5, 2013
Re: Henny Penny Hey Pat, Thinking of all the old nursery rhymes we read to our children and grandchildren verses today's violent books and movies. I used to read all the
Feb 27, 2013
Henny Penny Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling! Sorry, but had to post that where I thought someone would know what I'm tlking about! Ha Ha
Feb 15, 2013
Re: Brother Thank you, Pat. George was nearly 10 years older than me. I turned 68 in May of last year and he would have been 78 in December. We've had a clement winter in
Feb 4, 2013
Re: Brother No, Pat, I haven't found anything like that. I have seen data entry jobs, freelance writing, network marketing companies and sites where you click so many
Feb 3, 2013
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Re: Brother Pam, I knew a girl, when I lived in Hartsel, Co.,  that Stored, picked & packed for a dog food company.  People would send in their box tops & form and get
Pat Rolison
Feb 2, 2013
Re: Brother Pat, Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I really enjoy writing and also the ghost writing. Today I was doing research and writing for someone who
Feb 2, 2013
Brother So sorry for your loss, David. Was your brother 9-10 years older than you? Weather in Perry !!!! Took the Fire Dept to get my Mom up my brothers drive way to
Jan 31, 2013
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