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May Meeting

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  • Mark Miller
    Greetings, It s time for another round of New York Perl Seminar . This will be our final meeting of the season, so if you plan on attending, this would be the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2001

      It's time for another round of "New York Perl
      Seminar". This will be our final meeting of the
      season, so if you plan on attending, this would be the

      This month's topics:
      1) A Do-It-Yourself Archive for Mailing Lists
      2) VoiceXML and Perl

      Speaking of which, we will be looking for presenters
      to roll in the new season in September. If you are
      currently working on a project, please consider
      sharing it with us in September. We'll be asking for
      volunteers at the May meeting.

      Title: Do-It-Yourself Archive for Mailing Lists
      Presenter: Jim Keenan jkeen@...

      What happens if your favorite mailing list suddenly
      loses its archiving capacity? What do you do if
      you're so obsessive that you just have to have
      access to every single message from your favorite
      mailing list -- but can't be bombarded by individual
      e-mails all day long? Answer: subscribe to a
      digest version of the list and construct your own
      archive with "Digest.pl: a do-it-yourself archive for
      mailing list digest subscribers."

      In this presentation Jim welcomes comments on both the
      line coding as well as the overall architecture of the
      program (e.g., what's in the module, what's not).

      Preview the coding either at our own site
      (http://www.storefront-solutions.com/nyperl/) or at
      jim's own site
      for POD and
      .../digest.zip for code archive).

      Title: VoiceXML and Perl
      Presenter: Mark Miller

      VoiceXML is sneaking under the radar of most
      developers and is about to explode on the scene, about
      like HTML did in 1994. In this presentation, I'll show
      a simple VoiceXML application that will allow you to
      access a web enabled database and have the database
      'talk back to you' in plain English. No computer
      required. It's all done over the phone!

      "Holy Smokes, Batman... can that be true?"
      "You bet, Robin."

      Anyone interested in a non-proprietary, vendor neutral
      way to access data verbally will be interested in
      attending (XML, JAVA and Perl devotees, especially).

      Meeting Info
      Perl Seminar NY Session #6
      Tuesday, May 8, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
      34 West 17th Street (between Fifth and Sixth Aves),
      2nd floor
      Ring the doorbell ONCE! The receptionist really gets
      pissed off when you lean on it.
      (As always, thanks to Simon for providing space)

      Please refer all comments back to the list.
      See you there.


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