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Perl Seminar NY's Third Season Gearing Up

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  • James E Keenan
    Greetings, friends of Perl! Now that summer s definitely over, it s time to start preparing for the 3rd season of Perl Seminar NY. As you know, Perl Seminar
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2002
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      Greetings, friends of Perl!

      Now that summer's definitely over, it's time to start
      preparing for the 3rd season of Perl Seminar NY. As
      you know, Perl Seminar New York is a 2-hour, monthly
      workshop where Perl programmers of all skill levels
      present the code they've written and help to improve
      each other's programming skills.

      Perl Seminar NY will meet, as we did during our
      2001-02 season, at the NYPC Users Group office suite
      on 8th Avenue at 34th Street. NYPC has generously
      offered us the use of their space on the 3rd Tuesday
      of each month. We're not expecting to meet in
      September; however, we are targeting Tuesday, October
      15, 6:15-8:15 pm, for our first meeting of the 2002-03

      The first ingredient in the success of Perl Seminar NY
      is you, the programmer or student of Perl. We need
      you to think about doing a presentation of a project
      you have completed or are working on that uses Perl in
      whole or part. At each of our meetings, we try to
      have 2 or 3 presentations, each of which is 15-30
      minutes long, with the balance of the time left open
      for questions and discussions. Our hope is that
      between 4 and 6 of our members will come forward in
      the next few weeks to offer to make presentations so
      that we can feel confident that we have enough
      presenters to warrant embarking on our 3rd season.

      If you have an idea about a topic that would make for
      an interesting presentation but are unsure of how to
      develop it, don't be shy! We're here to help you
      develop your idea into a presentation that will be of
      interest to others. At Perl Seminar NY, we not only
      learn to code; we learn how to present code.

      To suggest topics, you may either post to this list or
      e-mail me off-line at jkeen@... . Hope to
      hear from you soon.

      Jim Keenan
      Perl Seminar NY

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