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Win32::GuiTest 1.49 is out

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  • erngui
    Hi all, still have some work to do before I call it 1.5, but decided it s time to release it, as you ve been waiting quite long for a new version. I ll wait
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2002
      Hi all,

      still have some work to do before I call it 1.5, but decided it's
      time to release it, as you've been waiting quite long for a new
      version. I'll wait for 1.5 before I submit it to CPAN.

      In case you're wondering, you didn't miss version 1.4, it's just that
      I almost released 1.4 a couple of months ago, but waited until I had
      some time to put some more changes in, and it took longer than
      expected... Hence version 1.49 (beta).

      All the tests pass, it's just that I'd like to improve the POD docs a
      bit more and perhaps add something more.

      Here's the module:

      See the new CHANGES file for details on what's new. A short summary:

      * I added the Win32::GuiTest::Cmd module to make some tasks easier.
      Things like opening control panel applets or asking the user some
      questions through the console. See the tests (now in the t
      subdirectory) and the ask.pl and which.pl examples for details.

      * Added some very useful contributions like the WaitWindow*
      functions. See 'eg\WaitWindow.pl' for an example. I think MenuSelect
      will also be quite popular.

      * Added various functions provided by user's of this group. Thanks!

      * Added the Win32::GuiTest::DibSect module (writen by Jarek Jurasz)
      that allows screenshot type functionality. An alternative to using
      SendKeys("{PRTSCR}"); See winbmp.pl for an example.

      * Lot's of house-keeping...

      As always comments, improvements, bug reports and suggestions are
      most welcome.

      Ernesto Guisado
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