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GuiTest port to Ruby? Fwd: [Wtr-general] Watir needs a Win32GUI library

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  • Chris McMahon
    Hi... Bret Pettichord just published the note below to the WATIR and ruby-talk mail lists. If anyone here would be interested in helping to create a usable
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2005
      Bret Pettichord just published the note below to the WATIR and
      ruby-talk mail lists. If anyone here would be interested in helping
      to create a usable win32-guitest module for Ruby, your experience and
      expertise would be both valuable and welcome.
      The WATIR community in particular has some fine developers and
      enthusiastic expert users.
      I hope to see some of you there.

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      From: Bret Pettichord <bret@...>
      Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 20:53:25 +0530
      Subject: [Wtr-general] Watir needs a Win32GUI library
      To: ruby-talk@...
      Cc: wtr-general@...

      We've seen growing enthusiasm for Watir, a web-testing library that is good
      enough that it is convincing people to learn Ruby just so that they can use
      it. Here are some things people are saying about it:

      Watir Rocks! I have played with it for only about on hour and
      accomplished what I had wanted to do (but did not have the wherewithall)
      for ages. Truly awesome !!

      In my opinion, WATIR has no peer as a framework to drive functional
      test automation in Internet Explorer.

      I have been using watir for a few weeks and have been very productive
      in automating the testing of our Web based application.

      I downloaded Watir a few days ago, without having have any high hopes
      for it, but I have been very impressed by this tool. I have limited
      scripting experience and none with Ruby, but I was able to follow your
      examples and be productive in short order. My hat is off to all involved in
      this project, you're doing a great service for the testing community - mad

      Up until now, I'd managed to avoid learning the Ruby scripting
      language.... But after seeing what Watir could do and how neat Ruby is, I
      became a convert.

      See http://wtr.rubyforge.org/wiki/wiki.pl?WatirTestimonials for more comments.

      We've just release version 1.1 of Watir.

      I'm writing to ask for help. The biggest problem with Watir is its support
      for various dialogs. These dialogs appear when you use a browser; for
      example, a login dialog or a security dialog or a javascript dialog. Watir
      mostly works by accessing the DOM via IE's COM interface. But there is no
      COM/DOM interface to these dialogs. We have some code that uses Win32 API
      calls, but it is buggy and needs work. Frankly, i think we would be better
      off using a general Win32 GUI testing library than trying to build a peice
      of it ourselves.

      Perl has a really good Win32-GuiTest library.

      There is also a Ruby port of this, but it uses Cygwin and appears to have
      been abandoned.

      We need something that works with MSWIN. Can you help us?

      So far we have had some suggestions. One person suggested that we just use
      the Perl library. Another has suggested that we use AutoIt. But personally
      i would prefer a Ruby solution. Surely i'm not the only Ruby programmer
      left on the Windows platform. Do we want to let the Perl programmers
      dominate Windows?


      Bret Pettichord

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