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OLEAutomation vs ButtonClicker (was Re: No Clue :-((

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  • huazhi_ca
    Hello Andy. Actually all of my automation is through OLE Automation. However I have two problems. (1) Outlook Profiles - there s no OLE automation for Outlook
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 14, 2002
      Hello Andy.

      Actually all of my automation is through OLE Automation. However I have two problems.

      (1) Outlook Profiles - there's no OLE automation for Outlook profiles. If I create 600 users in exchange, how do I automate creating 600 users in Outlook?
      (2) Exchange & CDO - M$ exposes CDO, but this is so complex (estimated about a 1 weeks work). I decided to do GUI automation, and move to CDO when time is available.

      I am stuck at Outlook Profile creation at startup. I really need this to work.

      Here's the dialog from the spy utility:

      ++0x005F0046, 'Choose Profile', #32770
      +++0x00540044, 'Profile &Name:', Static
      +++0x005F0086, '', ComboBox
      ++++0x00B4014A, '', Edit
      +++0x00600072, 'Ne&w...', Button
      +++0x009B00FC, 'OK', Button
      +++0x00B3014E, 'Cancel', Button
      +++0x008C0112, '&Help', Button
      +++0x005700B8, '&Options >>', Button
      +++0x006300BC, 'Options', Button
      +++0x0137013A, 'Set as &default profile', Button
      +++0x009600A6, 'Show &Logon screens for all information services', Button
      +0x005D00CC, 'Microsoft Outlook', #32770
      ++0x00740092, '', ComboLBox
      +0x00590042, 'W', WMS Notif Engine:Dispatch Window Class
      +0x00610040, '', MsoStdCompMgr
      +0x008000E2, 'Microsoft Outlook', mspim_wnd32

      I think this stuff is automatable, as it does seem like this dialog has custome buttons and things. However, I'm not familar with Win32 API. How can I click at this stuff.

      --- In perlguitest@y..., "Tinkham, Andy" <andy@t...> wrote:
      > I've found it to be very difficult automating the apps in MS Office (though
      > my experience is strictly with Rational's Robot tool for trying it -- I'm
      > still learning Perl and haven't ventured into the Perl GUITest stuff, yet).
      > The main cause of this difficulty as I understand it is that Office apps
      > don't use "real" controls. They use painted controls which basically put a
      > picture of a control on the screen without the memory usage a full
      > implementation of the control would use, then know the coordinates of the
      > "control" so they can act appropriately.
      > You'd be much better going through the COM Automation interfaces to the
      > Office apps (and I'm certain Perl can do it, though I can't point you to
      > how).
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      > Subject: [perlguitest] No Clue :-(
      > I looked in the article. It's ok, but is limited to just
      > FindWindowLike, SendKeys, SendLButtonDown, MouseMoveAbsPix, etc.
      > I wish there was more sample source for getting at a combo box and going
      > through different controls.
      > I tried the spy tool, but even still, I cannot seem to even click on the OK,
      > button. :-(
      > I don't know what's going on.
      > I am specifically trying to automate Outlook's Choose Profile ComboBox, but
      > without any success.
      > Lot of the documentation, which is very good in contrast to other perl docs,
      > assumes that one knows Win32 api. But I don't. I am just a poor scripter
      > trying to do some minimal automation. :'-(
      > ciao,
      > Joaquin
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