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Re: How to click on toolbar's buttons?

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  • wenjie wang
    ... However, ... that ... it). ... command ... 0, ... not ... case ... can ... which ... You ... (2nd ... Thanks for the summary. It has presented a better
    Message 1 of 12 , Jan 11, 2005
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      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "pkaluski" <pkaluski@p...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > This is a summary response to your last 3 posts (702-704).
      > You are right. I have also observed that for basic controls like
      > Edits, ComboBoxes etc. resource ID is equal to control ID.
      > this is only an observation. I haven't found any document saying
      > control id = resource id (if anyone can confirm/deny, please do
      > From the other hand I have seen controls defined by CONTROL
      > in rc file, which had resource ID != 0 and control ID = 0. You can
      > try with VC++. Create a project with application hosting an
      > Activex control. You will see the control will have Control ID =
      > in the same time having resource id != 0.
      > As for handling a toolbar. According to your description you are
      > dealing with the standard toolbar, like ToolbarWindow32 (used in
      > Spy++, for example). You deal with a custom made toolbar, which
      > is actually a dialog box with button controls on it. For such a
      > you are right - it works and you can select buttons by control ID.
      > However, it is not going to work for standart toolbars (present in
      > Spy++ or in basic MFC applications created by AppWizard). As you
      > see, there are no children of such a toolbar control. The standard
      > control toolbar works this way - you pass it a set of bitmaps
      > should appears as buttons. Toolbar control is resposible for
      > notifying you, which button was clicked (when you click on it).
      > can check the link http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?
      > url=/library/en-
      > us/shellcc/platform/commctls/toolbar/toolbar_overview.asp.
      > You can also check Jeff's Prosize "Programming Windows with MFC
      > edition)", chapter 12.

      Thanks for the summary. It has presented a better picture of our

      As far as GUI concern, I'm mainly using win32 API / MFC / ATL. I'm
      using PERL for other purpose. It happened that I have to perform
      automated GUI manipulation in one of my new project and GuiTest
      module is picked for the project. I haven't spent much time
      investigating it futher till I read your comments in your web site.
      and then dive into guitest.pm;-)

      Luckily, what I've done so far is valid and works fine for my

      W Wang

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