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Monkeytest script

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  • McMahon, Chris
    ... to ... the ... considered ... Thanks for noticing, that s my code. It s actually even more brain-dead than you describe. Here s from the docs: This
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2004
      Tom Harris wrote:

      >This one came from the agile-testing list on yahoo. It uses Perlguitest
      >simulate a monkey banging on the keyboard whilst moving and clicking
      >mouse. When your app can survive this treatment then it may be

      Thanks for noticing, that's my code. It's actually even more
      brain-dead than you describe. Here's from the docs: "This script
      randomly performs one of five actions every second: left mouse down or
      up; right mouse down or up; move mouse. Point it at the MS Paint program
      for a few minutes to get a good idea of what it does."
      It has a little bug, too-- it ignores the screen you point it
      at, and starts clicking/dragging everywhere. I just finished running it
      for 16 hours against 3 windows. The computer was in a very interesting
      state when I came in this morning!
      As I mentioned in the agile-testing list, if you try it out,
      please drop a line to the list.
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