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Why can't I run guitest from 'at'?

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  • Mark Seger
    As I posted in an earlier note I m trying [and failing] to run GuiTest from a remote machine via the rcmd command and I m guessing it s because it redirects
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2007
      As I posted in an earlier note I'm trying [and failing] to run GuiTest
      from a remote machine via the 'rcmd' command and I'm guessing it's
      because it redirects the output to the system running 'rcmd'. The
      reason I say this is because when GuiTest starts, it DOES grab the
      focus of the window I want but the characters I'm trying to send show
      up in my local DOS window. sigh...

      So my next thought was to schedule my script to run as an AT job,
      thereby having local context. No such luck and all I can think of is
      I much be doing something silly. I've tried both scheduling 'cmd.exe'
      running 'start' to start a new window as well as 'start' without the
      cmd.exe prefix and in both cases my script fails to run. If I
      cut/paste the AT command into a DOS window, everything works fine so
      it's clearly something about context in which my script is being
      started and I haven't a clue what's wrong.

      Here's an example of scheduling a script called 'sendenter.pl', which
      simply selects a window and sends an {ENTER} to it.

      AT xx:yy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe /k start c:\temp\sendenter.pl

      as I said, running everything to the right of the xx:yy works as
      expected when done manually from its own DOS window.

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