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971Re: Binary -- Install to Perl 5.8.4 without VS?

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  • scrivener90
    Jul 26, 2005

      No problem. Heck, I was newbie-slapped on CompuServe forums back in
      the late 80's, and again when I first discovered usenet. I've tried
      to do the "right thing" before asking for help for a while now.
      Anyway, no harm done. Apology accepted.


      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Piotr Kaluski" <pkaluski@p...>
      > Hm... I checked the readme file and yes, you are right. The message
      > there may lead to confussion. Especially for people who see the
      > module for the first time and as good citizens start from reading
      > the readme file.
      > The installation section in the readme should be definitelly
      > 5.8.x is a standard now and binary distributions are created for
      > release. Dennis, Ernesto - what are your opinions?
      > Dave, I misunderstood you post. I thought you were talking about
      > installing Win32::GuiTest in general, whereas your question was how
      > to install it on perl 5.8.4. Please accept my apologies.
      > -Piotr
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