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96Re: Web Interface Testing Question

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  • erngui
    Jun 4, 2002
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      --- In perlguitest@y..., "seraph_15217" <seraph_15217@y...> wrote:
      > button. Now, I know I can do this by using tab-stops or pixel
      > location, but obviously...this wouldn't be the best way to write a
      > test script.
      > Is there a way for me to get a perl script to recognize a field or
      > button on a webpage as a field or button entity?

      If you look at the test code that comes with the module (t/basic.t)
      you'll see how I play some tricks with the windows calculator app.
      The examples in the eg directory should also help you.

      Normally you can look for window by name or by window class. The
      window class can tell you things like "it is an edit box". The window
      name/caption/title will tell you "it is the button called OK".

      If you're afraid that the programmers will change the order of the
      buttons or the names (hence TAB won't work), then the safest thing is
      probably to use keyboard shortcuts. I.e. on IExplorer you can get to
      the address bar you mentioned using ALT+D (A[d]dress). Win32::GuiTest
      allows sending this type of key combination.

      Of course programmers may also change a shortcut, but that is
      normally a bigger change and they will have to tell you about it

      Ernesto Guisado
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