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949Perl Doesnt click on the specified link

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  • Hrushi K
    Jun 14, 2005
      -Samie is a module for testing IE
      applications.I too discovered it recently,it has
      a list of inbuilt functions for recognisition of
      objects and performing accordingly .
      Now here is the piece of code.
      use Win32::OLE;
      use Win32::SAM;
      #use Win32::Slingshot;

      $| = 1;
      my $URL =
      my $seconds;
      $Win32::OLE::Warn = 3;
      $seconds = Navigate($URL);
      print "Checkbox.html page took $seconds seconds
      to load\n";
      $myseconds->ClickLink("test link below"); print
      "testlink.html took $myseconds seconds to
      I receive the following error on running this -

      Can't call method "ClickLink" without a package or
      object reference
      at ClickLink.pl line 15.

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