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914Some Functions are not available

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  • vikas mehan
    May 24 11:22 PM
      I have observed that there are a few functions I picked up from
      the "Documentation" link in the "Links" section of the group, that
      are not available. For eg, GetMenuItemCount

      Pls see the code below that gives the following error when
      run: "Undefined subroutine &main::GetMenuItemCount called at test.pl
      line 5."

      use Win32::GuiTest qw(:ALL :SW);
      use strict;
      my $handle = WaitWindow("^Untitled.*Notepad", 2);
      my $hMainMenu = GetMenu($handle);
      my $count = GetMenuItemCount($hMainMenu);
      print $count;

      Almost all the other menu related functions (apart from MenuSelect)
      and a few for other controls are not avaiable in the GuiTest Library
      but have been documented.

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