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869Getting GUITest to work

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  • Mahesh Balachandran
    May 6, 2005
      Hi Folks
      I am new to this group. After reading a few of the posts by Ramya and
      Piotr, I did the following
      1. Installed Active Perl (ActivePerl-
      2. Downloaded and extracted Win32-GuiTest-1.50.3-ad.zip
      3. Downloaded NMake1.5, ran it and copied the extracted files to
      4. I have Visual Studio .net 2003 on my machine but could not find
      cl.exe or link.exe
      5. Opened the ppm command window
      6. Ran ppm> install
      7. Recieved a message (Successfully installed Win32-GuiTest version
      1.50.3-ad in ActivePerl the install was successful.

      So now how do I run GUITest. Waiting for your help to get started.
      Have a great weekend.

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