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821RE: [perlguitest] Tabbed navigation question

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  • Chris Hilton
    Apr 18, 2005
      You can use ClientToScreen and ScreenToClient to convert coordinates
      back and forth in Win32::GuiTest 1.50.3-ad from CPAN.

      ($x,$y) = ScreenToClient(hwnd,x,y)
      ($x,$y) = ClientToScreen(hwnd,x,y)

      There are also the following functions to work with tabs:

      Returns a list of a tab control's labels.

      SelTabItem($window, $idx)
      Selects a tab based off an index (zero-based).

      SelTabItemText($window, $txt)
      Selects a tab based off text label (case insensitive).

      IsTabItemSel($window, $txt)
      Determines if the specified tab item is selected.

      Hope some of that helps.

      Chris Hilton

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      Subject: [perlguitest] Tabbed navigation question

      I'm useing win32 guitest to automate some unscriptable applications (not
      something I wrote, no OLE or WMI as options)

      I'm having trouble with tabbed navigation. Where buttons can be
      controlled ala:

      PushChildButton($fgWindow, "^OK\$");

      Tabs seem to have to be clicked with coordinates relative to the entire
      screen, and I can't always guarantee the window I need to interact with
      will open in the same place everytime.

      Is their a way to get those coordinates relative to the active window?
      Better yet, is their a way to determine which tab to activate without
      coordinate based mouse clicks?

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