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815SelComboItem command won't trigger CBN_SELCHANGE Notification

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  • wenjie wang
    Apr 3, 2005
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      I'm having problem with the manipulation of combo item selection when
      sending raw message(CB_SETCURSEL) or using the new
      feature "SelComboItem" command added in the release 1.50.3-ad. Both
      approaches don't behave the same as a real user selecting an item from
      a combo box.

      When a real user make a selection from the combo box, a notification
      (CBN_SELCHANGE) is sent, but the GUITEST32 will only make the change
      to the current selected item, but won't be triggering the windows
      notification message. I guess it works fine for most of the cases,
      except mine;-) I have more than one combo boxes, the contents of 2nd
      combo depending on the selected item of 1st combo. What I'm doing
      inside the application is to handle the CBN_SELCHANGE notification of
      1st combo and depending on what's being selected, I'll populate the
      contents of 2nd combo box. As the CBN_SELCHANGE is not sent, my
      application behaved different when using GUITEST and failed my test

      Any suggestions?
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