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789Re: New poll for perlguitest

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  • pkaluski
    Feb 28, 2005
      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, Gabor Szabo <gabor@p...> wrote:
      > On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, pkaluski wrote:
      > > Gabor, your post was slightly emotional. Did you find asking an
      > > interface question so annoying or is there any other reason for
      > > emotional tone?
      > Oups, sorry.
      > I did not mean that way at all. Especially not the
      > "in favor of breaking the code".
      > That was just bad description on my part.
      > Gabor

      Never mind :)
      So if we are back in the cold technical tone :) I still believe that
      the poll my bring some usefull information.
      From the other hand I believe, that we should not change the existing
      interface in a way that it would break the existing code. After some
      rethought I came to conclusion that the cleanup would not add that
      significant value to justify loss of backward compatibility.
      I am more in favor of adding new functions rather then adding object
      oriented interface. The main reason is effort needed. Creating object
      oriented wrapper would require more effort than adding few functions,
      which use existing function with some additional parameter checking.
      What I mean is that in order to walk around the problem of
      PushChildButton, we can create functions PushChildButtonById and
      But maybe I am overestimating the effort needed for object oriented
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