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  • huazhi_ca
    Mar 20, 2002
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      Hi folks,

      Let's see a raise of hands for all whom have used QA Partner or Silk? I think this is a great product. However it like $4000, and many employers may not want to pay for it.

      I like how they structure the API, e.g. parentwin.childwin.dialog.button.click(), etc. For those of you unfamilar, they define a whole class hierarchy that allows you to interact with the interface. You must though first define a template, such as which buttons, names, etc. are what, and a nice name you want to call it. So you can call your Save button ... well ... Save, and thus have SaveAsDialog.Save.Click(). Each control or GUI element has a whole set of methods that you can control. Another nice thing about the template, is that it can be conditional. So if you support multiple languages, Open can be "Abrir", "Aprire", "Aprir", etc.

      One of the most powerful things though are these base states, which are like constructors, except for the GUI. If a window or set of windows needs to be open, before you can do the test, a base state can call other class methods, which then can call other class methods depending on its base state and so on.

      Well. If GUItest becomes object oriented and we can hack at the GUI some more to do more things, then perhaps we can create a class structure like similar to this. We can define templates in XML, but do not require them, for those that like to do things manually.
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