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702Re: [perlguitest] How to click on toolbar's buttons?

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  • Wenjie Wang
    Jan 10, 2005
      1. launch your app and then launch spy++
      2. clicking on "find" toolbar button, using "find tool" and drop the cursor to the control you're going to inspect; or find the window in whatever way you prefer
      3. double click on the window entry in the left hand side navigational treel view to bring up "window property" for the window
      4. Under "general" tab, there is an item named "Control ID" which is the hex value of your control ID. when using the value in perl, prefix it with "0x", or convert it to decimal.

      W Wang

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      Ofer Ben-Yacov <oferb@...> wrote:

      can you let me know where can I find the resource ID of a button in a
      toolbar using spy ++ ?
      I could not find it.

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