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697RE: [perlguitest] How to click on toolbar's buttons?

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  • Wenjie Wang
    Jan 9, 2005
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      I've done something similar like following and it's simple and works fine with me:

      my $myToolbar = GetDNACallModeToolbar();

      if ($myToolbar)


      PushChildButton($myToolbar, 1280, 0.3);


      Ofcourse I'm testing my own GUI written in MFC and I have knowledge of all the control IDs. But you could always use spy++ to find out resource ID of toolbar button.

      Coleman Tom <tom.coleman@...> wrote:

      I look forward to hearing of a "true" solution, where you can detect a
      toolbar by it's title, then select a button by it's id or tool tip, and get
      the button enable state from some api. But I don't know of such clever
      things, so...

      I use a work around, there are a few below.
      best of luck,

      Work arounds for interacting with the toolbar:

      - use the menu,
      most applications have menu items that duplicate the functionality
      of toolbar buttons. If they do not gently invite them to read a book on
      software usability, such as _The Inmates are Running the Asylum_.

      - use the menu hot key,
      many menu items have a hot key associated...
      Ctrl + S = save
      if the feature needs to be tested sometimes the program can be
      modified to make the feature more easily accessible.

      - use the keyboard to navigate the menu...
      Alt + F, S = save

      - use the keyboard to navigate to the toolbar...
      1. Alt = get to the menu
      2. Ctrl + Tab = get to the next toolbar
      3. arrow keys = move the toolbar button of interest
      4. enter = select the toolbar button

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      Subject: [perlguitest] How to click on toolbar's buttons?

      I am doing automation using Win32::GUITest for an
      application where I need to click on toolbar's buttons
      to perform certain operations. I have no idea how to
      do that.

      Is there any function for the same?


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