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684Some suggestions on Win32::GuiTest project on sourceforge

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  • pkaluski
    Jan 6, 2005
      This post is directed to people directly involved in development of
      Win32::GuiTest module. I post it here, because it may trigger some
      other usefull comments on how to streamline our work.

      First of all thank you guys for your hard work in making this project
      I have 2 suggestions which IMHO may improve the process:
      1. Consider using CVS tags. It will make it easier for people to
      retract to previous stable version in case someone checks in some
      unstable code. It will also improve tracebility
      2. Get read of "alternate distribution" from the description. This is
      not the alternate distribution. This is THE distribution. For
      newcomers it may be confusing and may make them wasting time figuring
      out, which distribution is better.

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