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583Re: PushChildButton problems

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  • pkaluski
    Sep 24, 2004
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      I had the same problem. And I believe I have found the reason why it
      happens. I placed a detailed explanation on my website. Have a look:

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "chobitex" <chobitex@y...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I have been using the GuiTest package for automation data
      > I have noticed that the PushChildButton() function is inconsitant,
      > and occationally will only highlight the button (have the cursor
      > up on it) but not have the action caused by pushing the button
      > actually occur.
      > I have also noticed that this function *will* allow a button to be
      > pushed that is inactive (with the text faded out), which *does*
      > the action associated to the button to happen (even while the
      > is disabled) causing... interesting results to say the least.
      > Has anyone else noticed this, or had problems with inconstancy in
      > PushChildButton function? I have had to replace this function with
      > mouse clicks.
      > Thank you,
      > ~Mike~ (ChobitEX@h...)
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