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564Controlling a benchmark

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  • Dan Bennett
    Sep 3, 2004
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      I'm new to Guitest, and fairly new to Perl. :-)

      I'm planning to automate the running of some benchmarks on
      WinXP, and Guitest looks like it'll be ideal for kicking
      off those that usually need user interaction to get them

      However, I want to be able to do more stuff when the benchmark
      is finished, such as process the results, move on to the
      next benchmark, etc.

      What I'm concerned about is whether using Perl/Guitest to
      hang around until the benchmark has finished is going to
      take cycles, and will therefore adversely affect the measured
      performance (which is of course what the benchmark is about).

      In other words, is there a way to kick off an application,
      do some Guitest stuff, and then go into a very low-CPU
      wait state to watch for the termination of the application -
      or, in some cases, for the appearance of a dialog (such as
      "Save results?") ?