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558FindWindowLike() and punctuation in window titles

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  • Dan Bennett
    Sep 7, 2004
      Hi all,

      I'm trying to use Win32::GuiTest to automate the installation
      of an application.

      I'm trying to get FindWindowLike() to spot when a window appears
      with this title:

      Pro/ENGINEER 2001 [2002100] Setup

      It doesn't see it, probably because of the square brackets
      in the title. I've tried escaping them ( \[ and \] ) with
      no success. I've tried single-quoting the string, also with
      no success.

      Unfortunately, I can't use the first part of the title
      ("Pro/ENGINEER 2001 ") to look for the window, because there's
      a transient window titled "Pro/ENGINEER 2001 [2002100]" which
      I *don't* want to match.

      It looks like the square brackets are the cause of the problem.

      How do I solve this?

      Thanks & regards,
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