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527Quake Console Update Unreliable

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  • coolrobd
    Jul 19, 2004
      Let me start by explaining what I am trying to achieve. Basically
      the Quake engine has a console window that sits behind it, I believe
      this to be a child window. I want to update the console with text
      ever 2 seconds.

      Current Status - I am able to get text to the console, but it is not
      reliable, sometimes all the text arrives, other time bits are
      missing. If I click in the main window this screws it up, because I
      beleive the main window takes the focus away from the console,
      therefore the sendkeys command is sending the letters to the main

      Solution Required - I need some way of writing text but be able to
      specify what window to put this in.

      Any ideas will be greatly received as I am tearing me hair out and I
      am sure the solution is quite simple.

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