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4RE: [perlguitest] Re: Problems installing using PPM

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  • Huber, John
    Nov 14, 2001
      Thanks, Ernesto.  Other packages install fine using the same technique.  I was using an older version of Perl, however, and after upgrading to 5.6, it's working fine now.  Thanks for your quick reply.
      -- John
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      At 20.54 14/11/01 +0000, you wrote:
      "Error installing package 'win32-guitest.ppd': Read of ./ failed"

      * Are you able to install other perl modules on that machine using
      * Are the TMP and TEMP environment variables set?
      * What version of perl are you using (perl -v).

      I normally use ActiveState 5.6.0 (build 616).

      Hope this helps,
      Ernesto Guisado

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