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363Re: [perlguitest] which fuction to use

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  • Steven Swenson
    Dec 29, 2003
      If your application for test is a website GuiTest may
      not be your best tool. GuiTest is more geared to a

      You may be able to use Sendkeys and mouse click to tab
      navigate or something but you'll have to do some work.
      There are probably some web test modules out there

      or Monkeywrench-1.0:

      for starters at www.cpan.org

      --- Zia Beheshti <beheshti@...> wrote:

      Probably my question is too trivial but I'm a starter.
      I just started to use the guitest module. I need to
      test a website
      like this messge board. Assume I want to click on the
      "Next" on this
      page, which function should I use? I tried
      pushClientButton with the
      kay name to be "Next", it didn't work. Even that
      didn't work for
      the "Submit" buttons. Then I tired to use MoveMouse
      but it is hard to
      find the exact location of the link. I don't feel I
      have to use
      MoveMouse function. Specially the position might
      change later and
      that makes my scripts useless.


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