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340GetWindowRect problem

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  • miles_gould
    Nov 7 6:58 AM
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      I'm trying to test a program that was built with ILOG and so exports
      no useful subwindows to be found by FindWindowLike. Hence, all
      interaction has to be done with explicit key and mouse events. I'm
      trying to click on a button given a knowledge of its position within
      a window: you would have thought this would be a fairly simple matter

      my ($left, $top) = GetWindowRect($win);
      MoveMouseAbsPix($left + $xoffset, $top + $yoffset);

      except that GetWindowRect returns the top-left corner of the window
      as being (0,0), which it isn't. So I tried ClientToScreen, but that
      doesn't return any useful output (in fact, I've just printed the
      output of Dumper(ClientToScreen($win, $xcoord, $ycoord)) and it
      doesn't seem to return any output at all) and it leaves its arguments

      Any idea what I can do? I'm using Win32::GuiTest v1.3, and
      Activestate Perl build 806, version 5.8.0 running under Win 2K

      Thanks in advance,
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