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34Moving mouse to corner of dialog?

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  • paulhoaduk
    Feb 8, 2002
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      I've not used perl much before, but I am now! this module
      is what I've been looking for...

      now I've already started my application and opened a
      couple of sub dialogs and now I'd like to click on a
      listview item to select it...

      I can't think of anyway to do this using the current functions
      (Adding SetItem support for ListView's would be great!)

      So I'm going a different route I was going to do this (see below)
      but I don't know how to get the window RECT back? from your
      GetWindowRect call?

      Can you help?
      Is there any other documentation?

      Great tool

      Dr Paul Hoad

      my ($window) =
      FindWindowLike(0,"^Dialog Box containing listView", "");
      if ($window) { print "Success\n"; }
      else { print "Failed\n"; }

      ///????? how do I use the rect?
      RECT rect;

      #(move over first item in listview)

      # send a click

      # ok button will now be enabled so OK dialog box
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