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333Need help (urgent)

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  • netsmartz_satish
    Sep 25, 2003
      Hi all,

      Thanks for reading my query.

      I have an urgent query reagarding the web application testing.

      The scenario is :

      There is a complete web application. The developers create a complete set of instructions to install the whole web application on one server. What the QA (me) need to do is to provide some automate solution to provide the sanity check to the web application by testing a pre-planned test case.

      The web application uses Flash also.

      What I have to do is to create a automation script which will give the sanity check off to this web application.

      The tools I can use is

      > Astra Quick test
      > WinRunner
      > Silk

      Can any body provide me any suggestion to method to do this, with lessers number of requirements in terms of testing tools.

      Thanks in advance for your welcoming suggestion


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