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318MenuSelect Problems - Probably simple, but...

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  • yowshuflop
    Sep 10, 2003
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      I'm new to Win32::GuiTest and not super-proficient in perl. All I want
      to do is open the Win32 app to be tested and hit File->New from the
      menubar. I am trying to use the MenuSelect function, but it just dies.

      I tested the exemple MenuSelect (notepad) and it the function is
      functioning properly.

      Any suggestions? Here is the code:

      use strict;
      use Win32::GuiTest qw/

      # Launch App
      system("start /max E:/\"Program Files\"/\"TOS 4.0\"/[APP_NAME].exe");
      sleep 2;

      # Find application Window to test and pull it out front
      my @windows = FindWindowLike(0, "[Window Title]", "");
      SetForegroundWindow($windows[0]) if scalar @windows == 1;
      sleep 2;

      # <--------------------Everything seems to work up to here!!!!!!!!!!!

      # use MenuSelect to create new policy

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