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317How to find the proper values for "MenuSelect"

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  • michael_kuss_perfcon
    Aug 13 2:39 AM

      I'd like to test the existence of a menu entry (menu is dynamically
      generated), so I tried to work with "MenuSelect".

      Since the notepad example menuselect.pl within the distribution works
      fine I tried to imitate this one, but for the application in question
      is not working.
      Could there be invisible characters (spaces? I took care about the
      the '&' character) in the menu entry text? (Remark: There are also
      icons in some menu entries).
      Is it possible to grep the text of all menu entries of a sub menu
      (using Win32::GuiTest or a spy tool)? Is there a possibility of
      getting more debugging infos on MenuTest (setting
      Win32::GuiTest::Debug to 1 gives no real new information).

      Thanks for your help

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