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315PushChildButton problems

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  • chobitex
    Aug 8, 2003
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      I have been using the GuiTest package for automation data gathering.
      I have noticed that the PushChildButton() function is inconsitant,
      and occationally will only highlight the button (have the cursor end
      up on it) but not have the action caused by pushing the button
      actually occur.

      I have also noticed that this function *will* allow a button to be
      pushed that is inactive (with the text faded out), which *does* cause
      the action associated to the button to happen (even while the button
      is disabled) causing... interesting results to say the least.

      Has anyone else noticed this, or had problems with inconstancy in the
      PushChildButton function? I have had to replace this function with
      mouse clicks.

      Thank you,
      ~Mike~ (ChobitEX@...)
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