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260Sending Text to a textbox does not work

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  • shsk7203
    Jul 3, 2003

      I am new to this forum. I am unable to figure out why I cant seem to
      send input to the textbox in my Application. My code:

      use Win32::GuiTest qw/GetChildWindows WMSetText WMGetText
      WaitWindowLike IsWindowEnabled PushButton SendKeys FindWindowLike
      GetClassName GetChildDepth GetDesktopWindow SetForegroundWindow/;

      sleep 3;


      $title = "Powersafe Actions Configuration"; # title of window to
      search for
      WaitWindowLike(0, $title, 60);
      @mywindow = FindWindowLike(0, $title);
      foreach(@mywindow){print "Window ". sprintf "%lx\n",$_;}

      My application does open with the focus set on the first textbox, but
      neither do the keys get sent, nor does anything get printed.

      Please help,

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