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232Re: Speeding up SendKeys

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  • Dennis K. Paulsen
    Jun 4, 2003
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      If these are standard Windows edit controls, you should be able to
      use WMSetText(hwnd,text) to populate each field without switching
      between them using SendKeys. This will make it a lot faster.

      Pseudo Code:
      Find window (FindWindowLike)
      Find edit field underneath window (FindWindowLike)
      populate edit control (WMSetText)
      go onto next edit field

      Dennis K. Paulsen

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Plummi Dee" <plummidee@h...>
      > I've opened a window via a menu command and have sent keys ("+
      > {TAB}") to get to the appropriate edit field in the window. Then I
      > use SendKeys to send data to the field.
      > In this case, I really don't need to send keys one at a time - I'd
      > rather just "print" the entire thing all at once to speed it up.
      > way I can do this?
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