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226updated notepad.pl example

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  • Danny Faught
    Jun 3, 2003
      I'm learning Win32::GuiTest to use as an example in my perl scripting
      tutorial at the Software Test Automation Conference. My first project
      was modifying eg/notepad.pl so it uses WaitWindow for synchronization
      instead of sleep.

      Was it the intention for this example to show simple sleep
      synchronization? If so, we could add some comments explaining that
      there's a better way to be learned elsewhere. If not, feel free to
      adopt the code below. Who knows, it might even work. :-)

      system("start notepad.exe");

      if (Win32::GuiTest::WaitWindow(qr/^Untitled - Notepad$/, 10) == 0) {
      die "Can't find Notepad window";
      Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("If you're reading this inside notepad,\n");
      Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("we might consider this test succesful.\n");
      Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("Now I'll send notepad an ALT{+}F4 to close\n");
      Win32::GuiTest::SendKeys("it. Please wait.......");
      sleep 1;
      sleep 1;
      sleep 1;
      if (Win32::GuiTest::WaitWindow(qr/^Notepad$/, 10) == 0) {
      die "Can't find Notepad dialog";

      Danny R. Faught
      Tejas Software Consulting
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