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194Re: ppm install error

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  • Dennis K. Paulsen
    Apr 25, 2003
      I haven't came across this error yet myself, so I'm not sure what
      exactly could be causing this. If you are using the ActiveState
      build of Perl, you could try reinstalling Perl and make sure that
      the PPM components are selected within the installation wizard.

      You could also try ppm3; which should also be included in the
      ActiveState build.

      P.S. Message #103 in this group seems to acknowledge the same issue
      and also includes a different response.

      Dennis K. Paulsen

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "bestofglen" <bestofglen@y...>
      > I am installing via ppm and am getting this error:
      > Can't find unicode character property definition via main->r or
      > at unicode/Is/r.pl ilne 0.
      > I can't deficer what this means.
      > Thanks,
      > Glen
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