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189Re: IsGrayedButton

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  • Dennis K. Paulsen
    Apr 23, 2003
      For radio buttons or check boxes, IsGrayedButton determines if the
      current state is indeterminate ("grayed"). For regular buttons this
      function does nothing useful.

      For regular buttons, one can use IsWindowEnabled to determine if the
      button is disabled.

      Since these functions originate from the Windows API, one could
      consult Microsoft's MSDN library if a more indepth understanding is

      Dennis K. Paulsen

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Jason Blakey" <jblakey@f...>
      > On a completely different topic,
      > what does IsGrayedButton do? Check for the existence of a
      grayed button on
      > the supplied HWND? Wait until there are no grayed buttons? From
      my little
      > bit of testing, it looks like the latter, but i could most
      definitely be wrong.
      > Thanks,
      > jason
      > --
      > This email from jason blakey - jblakey@f...
      > "The luckiest guy in the world!"
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