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1807[perlguitest] Accessing windows in other machine

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  • animesh bhowmick
    Aug 1, 2007

      Is it possible to access a Window in another machine?

      for example, i have a perl script on one machine which
      is a webserver. The script is on the webpage. But it
      should execute from another machine.

      machine 1: IP address (1.pl is put on the
      apache server and published on webpage. It uses
      several GUI windows for its execution

      machine 2: Ip address Since the machine 1
      is a apache server, i am able to run the script from
      here. But since the function uses FindWindowLike which
      is localized. this does not work.

      Is it possible to write the script with IP address
      embedded in it to be able to identify as to where the
      script should finally run?

      Looking forward to some ideas.


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