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1793Re: Moving from yahoo to source forge - what do you think

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  • Piotr Kaluski
    May 13, 2007
      This is a very good question.
      Firstly, there is a logistic reason, which was well summarized by
      Brent in his post. Since Win32::GuiTest code is hosted on source
      forge, it seams to be logical to have discussion forums there.

      Secondly Microsoft loves changing things. From time to time I need to
      write some code in Win API. So I visit their web page to get current
      compilers and other tools. And I always find out, that there is a new
      sturcture of SDKs, and getting what I want for free (which used to be
      free) becomes more and more difficult.

      Thirdly, I don't expect them to care to much about making their sites
      work well with any browser which is not IE.


      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Octavian Rasnita" <orasnita@...>
      > I hope I am not doing something bad if I ask... Why the list should
      be moved on another server if Yahoo will be owned by MS?
      > Why not using MS's resources for having a mailing list?
      > What's the "risk"?
      > Octavian
      > ----- Original Message -----
      > From: Piotr Kaluski
      > To: perlguitest@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Saturday, May 12, 2007 10:55 AM
      > Subject: [perlguitest] Re: Moving from yahoo to source forge -
      what do you think
      > So far I did not get a significant feedback. All feedback I have got
      > was positive. I suggest the following solution - If I don't get any
      > negative feedback till the end of may I will move the forum to source
      > forge. I will do it by rejecting all new posts with instructions on
      > how to post a message to a new forum.
      > --Piotr
      > --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Piotr Kaluski" <pkaluski@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi,
      > > I have heard some rumors on buying yahoo by Microsoft. Maybe we
      > > consider moving the forum to source forge. After all, it seams
      to be a
      > > natural place for a forum related to the hosted software. I am
      > > currious what do you think.
      > >
      > > --Piotr
      > >
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