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  • grunewald_james@emc.com
    Apr 19, 2007
      I have a question for Windows GUI developers.

      I am using Win42::GuiTest to test the beta release of an application.
      I've written a little script to list what is on a window that has focus
      and the output I get from it on the window I'm trying to test looks like
      this (I get similar results from WinSpy++):


      Properties:Cancel (3868444, class Button) enabled

      Properties:Help (5113532, class Button) enabled

      Properties: (4982724, class SysTabControl32) enabled

      Properties: (4982472, class msctls_updown32) enabled


      This window contains two tabs that are displayed in the window of class
      SysTabControl32, but I don't see any way to address them. Is it possible
      that the "tags" or names for the tabs are just not included in the beta
      version and they could (hopefully will) be included in the GA release?
      I've tried several permutations of SelTabItem and SelectTabItem, but
      haven't been able to the individual tabs either way.



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