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1677Re: silktest vs using win32::GuiTest

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  • brentje
    Feb 20, 2007
      Let me start off by saying that I have not had any formal training in
      testing. I have no documentation on any kinds of testing methodology.
      Anything I do have was found on the net somewhere. I started my
      career off as a programmer, and my interests lay mostly in that area.
      Although I do get a kick out of tearing apart someone else's program,
      so I've grown to like testing. But basically, I looked at the task
      that needed to be done from a programmer's point of view.

      Many of us have created our own framework for the application we are
      testing. I wouldn't say mine is any better then anyone else's because
      I haven't seen anyone else's, but I am proud of it and where it's
      going. I didn't even realize what I was making until the basic code
      was written. But here are the things I went through.

      I was asked to write regression testing scripts, to make sure that the
      steps we've laid out in the manual will work. The basic idea I had
      was to make emulate a normal user as closely as possible. That means
      instead of using code to push a button, I actually move the mouse
      cursor there and click. So the first function I wrote was a Move
      Mouse command. Since the one in GuiTest instantly moves the cursor to
      where you say, I made a loop that moved it incrementally to provide a
      delay and to make it look a little more normal. From there, I moved
      on to filling fields. I decided I didn't want to blindly click with
      mouse coordinates, so I made a function that looked for a field based
      on it's label. Once I find the field, I grab it's screen coordinates
      and feed that into the Move Mouse function. This way, they can move
      the field where ever they want to and I don't have to change my code.
      I think after that I starting coding functions that set a combobox to
      a specific value, grabbing it's location in the drop-down and moving
      the mouse to click on it. After that, things really started getting
      out of hand. I've added code to wait for a window based on it's title
      or it's contents, added logging features, grab screenshots, added code
      to manipulate objects through SendMessage, added XML files to hold
      data that drives the scripts, added database code to interact with the
      data our software uses, created a system to run multiple scripts, and
      probably a few other things I can't think of right now. Next is a
      blackbox testing system, where the scripts intentionally try to make
      error messages show. Without a doubt, it is a lot of work to get a
      system up and running. But the results are worth it in my eyes. I
      don't think I would have gotten anywhere near the results I've gotten
      if I went with the top commercial choice I had.

      But again, this is just my system. It's pretty geared towards the
      software I'm testing, although I've tried to make it as generic as
      possible. I'm sure others have systems that do things I haven't even
      thought of, or provide better ways of doing things. Anyways, this is
      the process I've gone through. It's taken me about a year and a half
      script about a third of our application, and it'll probably take me
      another year or so to script the rest. Well, I hope this helps.


      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, gs rao <gsrao_ggt@...> wrote:
      > Hi Brent,
      > I am new to the win32::GuiTest, I want to do the functionality
      testing of an application using win32::GuiTest. Can you please tell me
      what are the basic steps, we need to take while designing the
      automation test frame work for that application using win32::GuiTest ?
      > Is there any kind of frame work for the win32::GuiTest ?
      > Or can you please guide me how to start the process of automating
      the functionality testing for an application using win32::GuiTest ?
      > if you have any specific documents related to the functionality
      testing using win32::GuiTest, please send it to me ?
      > Thanks for your help
      > Regards,
      > G.Subba Rao
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