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1668Re: [perlguitest] Re: silktest vs using win32::GuiTest

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  • gs rao
    Feb 19, 2007
      Hi Brent,

      I am new to the win32::GuiTest, I want to do the functionality testing of an application using win32::GuiTest. Can you please tell me what are the basic steps, we need to take while designing the automation test frame work for that application using win32::GuiTest ?
      Is there any kind of frame work for the win32::GuiTest ?
      Or can you please guide me how to start the process of automating the functionality testing for an application using win32::GuiTest ?
      if you have any specific documents related to the functionality testing using win32::GuiTest, please send it to me ?

      Thanks for your help

      G.Subba Rao

      brentje <brentje@...> wrote:
      Sure...commercial tools won't give you the source code. That was the
      final deciding factor for me. Some of the commercial tools got close
      to what I needed, but not quite. To be honest, GuiTest didn't do all
      that I needed either. But as I started testing it out, I found it
      easier to provide the missing functionality I needed with GuiTest then
      any of the commercial products. I'm now going above and beyond my
      original expectations for this project. And besides...if you're going
      to program workarounds and additional code for something, you might as
      well use the free product that lets you see their code instead of
      paying for the opportunity to program around a piece of software you
      can't examine.

      For an MFC project GuiTest should provide most, if not all, of the
      functionality you need. If you know Perl, you should be able to
      create extensive testing scripts easily. I'm testing a .Net project,
      so I've had to add a few functions to get what I needed. For most
      scripts I write, it takes me about a day to get the main functionality
      and error message handling written. Another day of data building and
      shakedown, and the script is tested out as part of a complete test
      case. I'm working on a few tools that will take the
      time-to-production down as well. Some of my cases run for days
      working through a huge amount of data. We're already using the
      results to make corrections, and I'm not even halfway through
      scripting our software. So that's my argument for GuiTest, I hope
      this helps.


      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "thesus03" <thesus03@...> wrote:
      > I am new GUI testing on windows platform. I am currently evaluating
      > various tools and looking at options in terms of automating gui
      > developed using MFC.
      > Other than the obvious that win32::GuiTest is free, are there any other
      > benefits of using win32::GuiTest over commercial tools.

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