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1603RE: [perlguitest] Are you using Win32::GuiTest?

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  • Anand, Vaitheeswaran (IE10)
    Nov 15, 2006
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      I used initially and made my team also to use it. Right now I moved to
      another role so not doing much with it.

      I would suggest that if possible please share the class room material
      for your classes so more and more QA professionals will be benefited.

      Thanks for your good work.

      V Anand

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      during my classes "Perl for QA professionals" - among many other
      things - I have been teaching how to use Win32::GuiTest for more than
      2 years now. I am also a "maintainer" of the module though I have
      worked on it very little.
      On the other habd I have never needed it in real life projects as most
      of my
      work is done on Linux.

      I also see very low traffic on the mailing list so I wonder if you
      people are using it.
      I very much would like to know if there are real life uses of the
      module out there?
      If you are using it, what are you doing with it?

      If you are using other things to automate interaction with Windows
      GUI, what other
      tools are you using? What kind of things are you doing with that?


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