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1601Re: Are you using Win32::GuiTest?

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  • kpqt01
    Nov 15, 2006

      I am using Win32::GuiTest (the only automation tool :) ) to test our
      company's vsC++ application. I found this tool about 5 months ago and
      loving it. From basic control to advance control, I able to write
      mall test scripts as well as building an over all regression GUI test.
      This tool really give me the feeling that I know what I'm coding and
      in control.

      Thanks for the great tool.

      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Gabor Szabo" <szabgab@...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > during my classes "Perl for QA professionals" - among many other
      > things - I have been teaching how to use Win32::GuiTest for more than
      > 2 years now. I am also a "maintainer" of the module though I have
      > worked on it very little.
      > On the other habd I have never needed it in real life projects as
      most of my
      > work is done on Linux.
      > I also see very low traffic on the mailing list so I wonder if you
      > people are using it.
      > I very much would like to know if there are real life uses of the
      > module out there?
      > If you are using it, what are you doing with it?
      > If you are using other things to automate interaction with Windows
      > GUI, what other
      > tools are you using? What kind of things are you doing with that?
      > Gabor
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