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1597Re: Are you using Win32::GuiTest?

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  • chrs_mcmhn
    Nov 14, 2006
      --- In perlguitest@yahoogroups.com, "Danny R. Faught" <faught@...> wrote:
      > >Are there any similar Perl modules for Linux and Mac OSX? I would
      like to
      > >automate the key pressing in some
      > >programs for these operating systems.
      > You can use AppleScript for GUI automation on OS X. I was impressed
      > how much automation is built in to the OS. I could have used a Perl
      > module to bridge to AppleScript, but I decided that because of the
      > skimpy documentation (isn't it always?) for both AppleScript and the
      > Perl module that sits on top of it, it would be best to learn the native
      > AppleScript first.
      > I managed to use AppleScript to script several repetitive tasks in my
      > client's Mac application (which has no explicit scripting support) and
      > caused numerous crashes, many of them reproducible. But when I tried to
      > implement a random monkey test, I never quite figured out how to do it.
      > Linux has something like an X11::Guitest perl module. I haven't tried
      > it. There's also a tool called Android, which isn't object-based, so
      > I don't recommend it.
      > -Danny
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